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The Kniter Trousers
    • Straight Legged Trousers
    • Elastic waistband
    • 100% Alpaca wool
    • Antimicrobial
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Hand wash only, dry flat
    • Made in Bolivia. These handknit trousers can be paired with the Kniter blazer to perfect the whole professional boss look. Otherwise they can be used to elevate any outfit. The shaping allows for a perfect comfortable fit, and the unique properties of alpaca wool allow for the for this piece to feel warm and breathable at the same time. Similar to the blazer this delicately made piece has a luxurious smooth texture feel.  As with all Kniter items these trousers have been made sustainably and ethically by a World Fairtrade guaranteed member; by a local artisan who is paid at least twice the minimum wage combatting the issue of wealth inequality in today's society. 

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