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Why we design

Kniter is a sustainable brand that considers the entire lifecycle of its products, from the design, sourcing, production processes, and transport during its design process. The Kniter philosophy is to create clothes that serve an aesthetic purpose while minimising environmental impacts.   


Our priority here at Kniter is to tackle the concept of the "Short lifecycle" of the current fashion market. Many clothing manufacturers are continuously promoting new designs. Consumers feel obliged to change their wardrobes frequently to meet this fast-paced world of fashion. Sadly, the true price of our desire to keep up with this fast-paced world is paid by our planet. With the fashion industry remaining the second biggest contributor to global pollution, it is time we rechanged our attitudes to our clothes.  


Our purpose as a brand is to encourage our customers to consider buying things they genuinely love! We attempt to make pieces that are timeless classics that can match the constantly changing fashion landscape.


Through these timeless pieces that are built to last, we hope to foster a sense of unique individuality. However, should the desire to keep up with the fast-paced world of fashion inevitably reach you, our returns portal is always open. #kniterREUSED means that we pledge to resell the clothing we receive or recycle in our packaging (learn more on the #kniterREUSED on our website).  


Furthermore, Kniter produces creations that can be styled to suit every individual. We wish to empower our customers through our cutting-edge fashion by encouraging expressivity. In fashion, individualism and self-expression determine how the world perceives us through the choices we make. Sustainable and ethical choices encourage positive feelings within us as we support the environment and empower societies that are more vulnerable than our own. These same choices also show the world and people around us what we believe in and emphasise our priorities. 


At Kniter, our vision is to connect people around the world through collaborative and inspired clothing. Our world today is a global village. We need to have a business model that looks after the environment. Today's world is drastically globalising; here at Kniter, we aim to uplift our local communities and share this interconnectedness with everyone in every country! We believe that community empowerment should not just end in the UK (where our business is based) but should be extended throughout the world. By buying from us, you represent a new world where different people with different cultures work harmoniously to build a better life for generations to come.  


For our June 2021 collection, we have worked with our partners in Bolivia. Our artisan creators used traditional skills and combined them with new innovative technologies to create these pieces. Using crafts such as hand weaving, hand knitting or hand embroidery, we generated employment in rural areas where work is often scarce by making this collection available to you.  


The June 2021 collection is exceptional. It represents our vision for the future: Our vision is to connect people worldwide through collaborative and inspired products. We offer handmade and sustainable products with the planet and you in mind.  

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