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About Us

As a brand, we are firmly behind the ethos that fashion is not just anything aesthetically pleasing. Here at Kniter, we believe the true beauty of fashion is what it represents. Fashion remains a language that allows us to express ourselves and what we stand behind.

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Why Our Prices?

We believe in empowerment over donation, we ensure that our talented artisans are paid fairly not only for the preservation of this beautiful art but also to create a sustainable and ethical business which gives the power back to the people.

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Our Future Plans

 Kniter stands behind ethical, sustainable and durable clothing which not only serves its aesthetic purpose but also does its job protecting the environment for generations to come; to us, this is what true beauty is. Read to find out more about our plans.

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Keep in Touch

Connecting people around the world through collaboratively inspired handmade products. Don't be a stranger. Find out more about our ethical and sustainable practices and get to know us. 

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Alpaca wool

Knitwear offers hand-knitted, organic and eco-friendly knitwear products for everyone. With our custom blend wool from South America, we can design trendy, durable pieces that will withstand the test of time, while ensuring every aspect of our brand is fair and ethical. Find out more on why we choose to use wool.

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Why we design

Connecting people through collaboratively inspired handmade products. Kniter was launched to support the movement from fast fashion to sustainable fashion. Kniter stands behind all that slow fashion symbolises and this is reflected in our vision. Read to find out more about our motivations.

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